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Tomorrow People is a project that has been set up to inspire young people to get involved with making a difference in their community.


Our Aims

We believe that the tomorrow's people can make a big change in the future through the everyday small things that they do. 

We want to show young people that just a small random act of kindness can have a massive ripple effect in the lives of the people around us even if we don't always see it.

Tomorrow people is for young people aged

12 - 18 and our main aim is to encourage young people to be the change.

We also want to help to change the lives of the young people who volunteer for us and it is our hope that by involving them in community projects they will develop a serving heart and want to do what they can to help improve their community.

"One person on their own can be like a drop in an ocean of problems but many drops can become a tidal wave of change."

We want to inspire young people to work together to make our world a better place.

Where are we based?

At the moment we are based in Worksop on the Kilton estate.

Who is the project run by?

The project is funded by grants and run by "The Oasis Centre'. The Oasis centre building has around 30 different projects weekly that benefit the local community and wider areas.

Meet the Team

Steve Williams is responsible for funding and organising the project. It is his vision that he wants others to become a part of.

Joshua Williams is one of the team who helps to mentor the young volunteers and sign off on the hours that they do.

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